A Happy Sunday Morning

The Alarm clock woke up Ananya at 7 am in the morning. It was a Sunday Morning..Ananya was feeling lazy to wake up after all with her two year old Toddler..she barely got few luxurious moments when she could get those extra 10 mins of sleep and waking up from Siddharth’s arms are one thing she would never want to do.

Finally, against her wishes, Ananya decided to wake up after completing her 10 mins of luxurious sleep. Whether its a Sunday or a Monday, the daily routine of a Mother remains the same. After serving everyone breakfast, Ananya was just going through her dairy, to check if she is done with all her office work for the week, when Siddharth suddenly announced that they were going on a Drive in next 15 mins.

15 mins is always a short notice for a woman, finally after 45 mins Ananya managed to close the kitchen, give bath to Suraj, pack variety of snacks for her tiny tot and also get ready herself. Sometimes Siddharth was wierd, he always made sudden announcements and expected every one to be ready in snap of a finger. Ananya was busy handling tiny Suraj, who was busy exploring all the buttons on the dashboard, so she did not pay attention to the place where they were going.

In all this while, Ananya did not realise that they had reached the Beach. Suraj was very happy seeing the beach and just could not control his excitement. He ran towards the water but was irritated when he could not run faster because of the sand. Ananya was surprised but happy as she also loved beach and it had been ages since they went for a family outing.

Siddharth suddenly removed a beach mat and a few toys for Suraj to play in the sand. Tiny Suraj was excited and started squeaking with joy. Siddharth helped Suraj build a castle, which did not look like a Sand Castle though. The happiness to see Siddharth and Suraj playing in the sand was priceless. For the first time Ananya did not bother about Suraj eating Sand or his body covered in Sand. Ananya Clicked a few pictures of the father and son playing, she wished this time would just stop and she could see them playing.

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