7 Stereotypes Which Need To Be Broken In 2017

Human Beings are social animals which live in a group and society. Whilst the society has set up some rules, which are sometime enforced on us. We are at the end of 2016 and it is high time that we break the stereotype set up by the society.

1. Films and Television shows are meant for entertainment

Its a sorry state that today the standard of serials telecast on the TV is falling day by day. TV today has been playing a major role in encouraging sexism in the name of comedy and objectifying women.

2. A woman on her periods

Periods are a natural process. It reflects her capability to give birth to a new life. It is not something that one needs to avoid talking about or be ashamed about.

3. A child needs both parents

Paternity leave or the role of fathers in the upbringing of a child is not given importance under “Indian Culture”. Law and mindset both have to be changed with respect to the role of father in Children.

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