5 Reasons Why Your Toddler Cries On His Way To School

The month of June always brings back those fresh memories of new school bag, school books, stationery, running around in puddles, splashing water. The first day of School, when we are most excited to meet our friends and share our experiences of our vacations. Without facebook and whatsapp, June 14 would be the first day, when we would meet our friends after a two month long vacation to our grand parents house.

Times have changed now but we can still relive those days in a different way now, through our children. One of the problems that new mothers often face is cranky kids on the first day of school. Some children are very happy to go to school, some are reluctant, some throw tantrum and some just refuse to go. Being a new mother even I have gone through the same.

Here are 5 probable reasons why children cry on their way to school

1. Hunger

Many a times our tiny toddlers are more dependant on milk. While in school it is almost next to impossible that they will have access to milk even if for a couple of hours. The same happened with my son, he would just refuse to put his uniform when he was hungry. So I would ensure that we fed him solid food before we sent him to school. Though it took me some time to realise that this was the reason. Even providing him with a new tiffin ensured that he ate his tiffin at School. Children sometimes are more fascinated by the presentation of food than the taste of food.

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