10 Steps To Follow To Be Healthy In Your 50’S

Hey Mommies,

There are a few things that we follow as a part of our Life Mantra and there are a few things that we just Preach as our Life Mantra.We women always put everyone else as our priority. Even though in 20’s you may or may not have a family to take care of but as young Girls may have career as our priority.

These are the few things that I realized late in my 20’s, so here I am sharing my mantra of having a healthy 50’s.

1. Love yourself

All your life you have to love others, there is no harm in learning to Love your self and pamper yourself. You do not have to an expensive parlour but making it a routine to spend 10 mins in a day to pamper yourself , will be sufficient.

2. Exercise

As we grow older, responsibilities will only keep on increasing. So it is important, that we set a fixed routine for ourselves. Ensure that you have those 10 mins as a part of your routine to go down for an evening walk. Don’t give an excuse that you need not walk because you have are exerted in your daily chores. A 10 mins walk or exercise or yoga is more important for your mind than your body.

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