March 8th is celebrated as International Women’s Day. A day, when we send Forwarded Woman’s day messages to our Sister’s, Mother’s, Wives, Friends and Collegues. A day when everyone attempts to make the women in their life happy, A day when the companies make their female employees feel good.

We are almost 3 months down in 2017, but still everyday when we switch on the news channel or read the newspaper, we come across atleast one article, which talks about a woman being either murdered, raped, harassed for dowry, female feoticide, victim of acid attack. Basically anything that harms or kills a woman. Really in 2017, are we moving towards development or moving backward towards barbarism.

Feminism has been always misinterpreted by the media so therefore, I would not like to talk about it. Let us talk about Gender Neutrality here. Our students and youngsters, hear the concept of Gender Neutrality, not in their classrooms but outside on social media. If only parents and classrooms openly spoke about and practisied Gender Neutrality, the crime against women in our society would have not been at this rate.

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