Earlier when we were kids, we knew Mummy Daddy, uncle Aunty, Granny Granda, Didi Jijaji, Bhaiyya Bhabhi all got married. The living room of every family had atleast one Big Indian Family Wedding Picture. It was like a norm or a compulsion. One uncle and one Aunty staying together in a house and that too without marriage was something that was unheard about atleast some 30 years ago. (Spare few exceptions like Rajesh Khanna and Tina Munim).

A majority of the youngsters these days prefer Live in Relationship to marriage. Whilst, marriage is a beautiful institution, we very simply blame the west for influencing our generation for Live in Relationships. Is it really true that the West is the only reason that Urban India is witnessing so many Live in Relationships or Single youngsters. Well a conversation over coffee with a friend opened my eyes and gave me a different outlook all together. Well many may describe a live in relationship as a trial before marriage to know if they are compatible, if their tastes match, if they are fine with the work profile and friends of each other but no role or involvement of family is required here.

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