Why Street Children Continue To Be ‘Invisible’ And How You Can Change That

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I am a lawyer by profession and I also work with a few NGOs. For this, I have to educate people about their rights.

During one of my lectures for a community, which comprised mainly of elderly women doing social work, I came across a very interesting situation.

One of the elderly ladies stood up and told the class that she wanted to share her experience of the law and the judiciary. She told us that whenever she would board the train from Virar station, she used to come across a few beggars with small children, who were always sleeping. After a few days, she decided to confront them as she felt that something was fishy. Subsequently, she decided to file a police complaint. She reported the case to the railway police station – and then forgot about the matter.

Days passed by – but she was frustrated that the police had not acted on her complaint. Finally, she decided that the police was corrupt and that this country would not change. Ever since, she has repeatedly narrated the same story to all the people she has met.

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