Kangana Ranaut is one name that has been trending over social media for her upcoming movie – the reason being her interview and the recent All India Bakchod (AIB) video, which mocked Bollywood and its rules. Well – some may say that it is a publicity stunt to promote her upcoming movie, some consider her to be a blabber-mouth, some have called her a feminist and some have called her a role-model. Different people, different opinions.

Well, to be frank, I wasn’t surprised by the statements she made in the show “Aap ki Adalat“. The incidents that she narrated are quite common in a metropolitan city like Mumbai – women dating the wrong guys, either twice their age or someone who is already married, and then being cheated. The industry is dominated by a few families – but even then, a lot of women have finally broken the glass ceiling and reached to the top. I am nobody to judge or comment on Kangana’s relationship with Aditya Pancholi or Hritik Roshan – but let’s give her a benefit of doubt and blame it on the vulnerability of her situation.

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