A couple of days ago, I just happened to checked my whatsapp messages as usual to kill sometime before sleeping. I am one of those people who are a part of a lot of Groups but don’t remember How and Why I joined the group and I still dont know which group sent that message.

To cut the long story short, from the time I read that message, I have literally lost my sleep. The message in short was about how someone found a naked body in the dust bin of a 25 year old dead girl. The post mortem report of the body mentioned that most of her organs including her eyes were removed from her body even before she died and she was beaten severely. The story then goes to a new track wherein, a happy family of 5, 2 sisters, 1 brother and parents suddenly find that their elder went missing. When they could not find her, they assumed she had an affair with someone and ran away. The family felt that reporting about their missing daughter would bring shame to their family.

The Police in the meanwhile could not find any identification of the body and then decided to put a picture of the body in the newspaper. The family was shattered when they saw their daughter in such a condition. On getting further information from the family, the police found out that the Girl was kidnapped on her way back from her college. She was sold to a pimp who forced her into prostitution. When the girl refused to be used and tried to escape, the pimp finally decided to sell her organs.

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