Tired Waiting

Where are you ?

I have been waiting for you since so long.

You were to come about 15 days ago and you are still not here.

I am telling you I am tired of waiting for you. Don’t you have any deadlines like me to come and do your work and go.

I know you give me a lot of pain when you come, I am sometimes even forced to take leave from office, stop going to gym, I cannot even go to pooja. But I am ready to give all those sacrifices for you. Please come back.

If you do not come by the end of today..then see what I will do. This is my last warning to you.

This is Neha. She is 25 years old. She is very hardworking. On most days she works for almost 18 hours a day. Ever since she was in college she wanted to be on top for which she worked hard and achieved whatever she wanted. It is not easy for one to be successful, you need to sacrifice a lot of things like something as basic as food and sleep. Neha never had proper time for food or sleep. Her work also required her to travel a lot.

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