The Ridiculous Shaming Of Priyanka Chopra Shows How Much We Want To Control Women

Since yesterday, my timeline on Facebook has been flooded with images and discussion about Priyanka Chopra meeting Narendra Modi. The point of discussion was the length of her dress while meeting our dear Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. While the trolls, I am sure, have all the time in the world to give lectures on the length of her dress while meeting our PM, these are the same people who turn a blind eye when a fully dressed woman is molested in front of their eyes.

We are a population of about more than 1.3 billion people, yet we have a handful of personalities who have represented India and have brought India on the world map. Priyanka Chopra and our Prime Minister being amongst the handful. 16 years ago, when a young girl of 18 years, wearing a deep neck gown, became the fifth Indian to win the Miss World crown, every single Indian rejoiced. Nobody was concerned about how she was dressed, or how high the slit of her dress was. As long as she brought home something, we were all happy.

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