The Most Beautiful Journey

Sometimes it is not the journey but it is the companion who makes your journey the most memorable. One of such journey was my 9 months with my Son and my better half. While during our pregnancy we tend to always be surrounded by thoughts about our unborn tiny tot we sometimes tend to ignore the most important person in our lives i.e. our better halves without whom this journey wouldn’t have been so smooth.
When I was expecting Suraj I was still working. I remember Sandeep (San) was equally more excited, tensed, nervous I really have no words to explain the feeling. Many people feel that a child brings distance between a husband and wife but that is just a fiction. Infact, 9 months of pregnancy is nothing but a journey to strengthen your relationship with your spouse. This is the time period which makes you very sensitive towards each others needs as you know these will be your last few days when you will be having your time.

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