The Day When A Mute Animal Protected Me And My Baby (Based On A True Incidence)

This is an incidence that happened to me about 2 years ago, when I was in my last trimester of my pregnancy and all set to deliver. My doctor had given me due date of around 29th September, 2014 but the sonography reports gave different dates from 4th October to 13th October, 2014. Even as the D day approached my little one was showing no signs of coming into the real world. My doctor advised me to meet her every alternate day but still my baby showed no signs of coming out. She advised for a sonography again on about 2nd October because I gained an addition Kg since the last week.

On October 3, I went for the sonography it was a Dusshera day, my mother had high fever and my brother was then staying near his office. My parents did not want to leave me alone and no neighbours were available during that time with whom they could leave me. As both the doctors were close by we all three went first for sonography and then decided to go to the Devi temple where we used to go every year since I was born. My mother asked me and daddy to sit in the car as generally they do not allow women who are pregnant (more than 7 months) inside the temple.

All the temple priest and people inside knew us since ages and I was surprised when my mother accompanied by her friend and the priest came outside to take me in. I did not know what happened and asked them if they were sure to let me inside.

The priest said, “Navratri is a festival , where we celebrate Devi and motherhood and during this time we cannot commit a sin of keeping a mother at the doorstep of the temple. You are also a mother and you also have equal right to worship like others.” I walked inside the temple and soon it was time for aarti. I was more scared what if someone asks me to leave the temple. Before the aarti began the priest asked me to sit down for aarti as standing for long would give me back pain. I did as he instructed my parents were near me.

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