Seeing The World Through The Mother’s Eyes

A mother plays the most important role in shaping a child’s life. The child sees the world through his mother’s eyes. While let us all accept one fact, we Indians are very obsessed and prejudiced about certain aspects in our lives like caste, colour, sex, religion just to name a few. Whilst the Media plays an important role in moulding our perception we always tend to forget that the seeds of prejudice about the society are sown by the family in our tender minds.
For Example: We always talk and scream about Gender inequality at work as adults but did we realize that we ourselves are encouraging gender equality in our homes but differentiating between daughter and son, husband and wife, mother and father. Aren’t we hypo-crates sometimes, that we celebrate Durga Ashtami in the temples but mourn the birth of Durga in a family.

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