Secret Colour Code – The Dark Horse

”Apply some Haldi, Besan and Milk Cream on your face, Leaving Aloe Vera overnight on your face will give you a glowing skin, Drink some syrup for your skin, Don’t take up sports, you will get tan and ultimately nobody will marry you, if you are dark your husband will have an affair with some white woman”. These are some of the common statements that Ananya had to listen through out her childhood because of her complexion. Even though she was dark, she had some radiance about her, there was something very special about her looks. Infact a couple of times when she was at a coffee shop a reputed fashion designer had walked upto her and asked her to be a part of his show. She still laughs at that incidence.

Today is the yearly mandatory family get together. Ananya hates going to this function because all her relatives keep discussing about her dark complexion over looking her achievements or rather taking interest in their own children’s lives. Her cousin Tana who was the most beautiful (Fair Skin, Almond Eyes, Pink Perfect Pout (thanks to the cosmetic surgeon and the multiple trips to parlor ever week)), despite her beauty had got divorced for the second time. This had made all the relatives worried for Ananya because if a swan cannot have a happy life even despite its looks then a crow would be out of question. Really from when did Fair Complexion = good looks = good rich husband = happy life formula exist. Wait Actually always.

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