Please Help Me – I Do Not Want To Go To College

“Amma, I told you I do not want to go to college”. But why, what happened Siddharth, you always wanted to do engineering and your years of hardwork has borne you results. Just last month Siddharth’s results were out, he had secured 93% in his H.S.C. exams and had got 182 out of 200 in his engineering entrance exams, which helped him get admission in the best college in the city. Just last week Siddharth had started his college. His father was very happy and had even gifted him a new sports bike, better than what Siddharth had asked for. He was always among the top 3 students in his school or in college.
Since last two days Siddharth had been exceptionally quiet, which is very unlikely. His parents were worried but then they felt that may be after sometime he will open up about his problem. It is almost 3 days now, that Siddharth has been refusing to attend college now. This behaviour of Siddharth confused his parents as they could not make out what was wrong with him. They tried to speak to him, tried to contact all his friends to find out what was wrong. All his friends said they haven’t spoken to him for last one week and had left him several messages on Whatsapp, Facebook and Hangouts but no reply and they were going to come down home that day to meet him.

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