Parliament Hope You Don’t Repeat Your Mistake

The entire country is today rejoicing the announcement of Supreme Court’s Judgment in the Shayara Bano’s case, declaring Triple Talaq as unconstitutional. Supreme Court had earlier also declared the same previously in the case of Shamim Ara Vs. State of U.P. in the year 2002. So what makes this judgment more special ? It has directed the Parliament to draft an Act considering the same.

Well, it is definitely a great move for women across the Country as Triple Talaq was not only unconstitutional but also inhuman and as per me also violated Human Rights of a woman in our Country. While, many people are seeing this as a step closer towards having a Uniform Law in our Country, I feel that we are still miles away from this step. Apart from our Divorce Laws,our marriage, succession, adoption are yet to be made uniform.

To read the complete article, please read hereunder:

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