My Experience With Online Haters Has Been Very Entertaining

out against online bullying.
The internet is an open space where you have more freedom of speech than you do in real life. You are at liberty to criticise anyone or anything.

Some people, who are self proclaimed ‘kings’ of the virtual space, read half, understand a quarter but reply with full enthusiasm. Yes, one of the best things about Internet abusers is that many-a-times they unknowingly provide free entertainment. One of my favorite pastimes is to read comments that people write below a particular post rather than the actual post itself.

For example, the moment an actress posts a picture of her in a bikini, there is a huge uproar in the comments section. Such uproar includes slut shaming and body shaming. What people forget is that wearing a bikini on a beach is as common as finding a bhelpuriwala at Juhu beach.

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