Menstrual Hygiene – An Urban Indian Woman’s Problems

While there have been many articles written about the fact that women in rural areas still don’t have access to basic products such as Sanitary Napkins or tampons (i am sure they would have never even heard about these products). It is not completely true that women working or living in the urban areas are much better off. There are a few problems that we ourselves face such as;

Lack of Washroom – While Mumbai is the city of dreams, one thing that it certainly lacks is Clean Washroom. During your period days, the washroom becomes one place where you wish to stay longer. It is also important to change your Sanitary Napkins once in every 4 to 6 hours and one would look out for a clean washroom. There are still some buildings in the city, wherein the washrooms are either not built or were never maintained. Unless a woman has purchased an office in a building, it is difficult to have a personal ladies washroom. Neither do public places such as Bus Depots or Railway Platforms have good washrooms, wherein a woman can go and change.

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