Intellectual Property For Beginners

With the boom in the startup culture in India, it is important to know a few basics, apart from your domain of knowledge, to maximise your business.

In simple terms, Intellectual Property is that property created by the company, which increases the value of your company. It may be a tangible property or an intangible property, i.e. something that you can either see and touch or something that you cannot see.

As this article is mainly for the layman, I will not be using any legal terminologies.

If you have written any artistic work, then the Copyright of the work belongs to you. However, if you have written the same artistic work or literary work as a part of an employment or taken any consideration (amount paid for your work), then the Copyright belongs to the person who employed you or paid you for your services. In the case of a movie, the Copyright belongs to a producer. In the case of a Software Programme, the Copyright belongs to the Company.

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