Ingredients To A Secret Recepie Called Marriage

Hello People,

Once you are done with your college education and by good luck find yourselves a good placement, the next question that everyone pops up at every family function is when will you get married ? Marriage and wedding always excites everyone except the person who is supposed to get married. There are huge hours of debates on what is the ideal age to get married. Astrologers and match makers are worshiped more than family members.

Cut to the marriage scene. Weather it is love marriage or arrange marriage all the preparations are in full swings. From Wedding Lehenga to Honeymoon Destination everything is discussed and decided but we all forget that one important preparation. Yes that is the mental preparation. One of things that we have always been told is that WOMEN HAVE TO CHANGE AND ACCEPT THE CHANGE IN LIFE POST MARRIAGE. What we simultaneously forget is that a man also goes through the same amount of changes that a woman goes through. Just because it is unacceptable foYr man to accept in the society that he also makes some new adjustments the clash begins.

Before marriage few things that we train ourselves for are cooking, cleaning, some additional household art, financial management, household management etc. etc but one thing that we all forget is to have a training to understand the minds of the opposite sex. Men and women are as different as Chalk and Cheese.

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