How To Deal With That Crazy Stalker

Hello Mommies..One of the negative aspects of our society is the moment a women is out, some men think it is their right to trouble her. Whilst we all experience Sexual harassment at one point of time in our lives, though sometimes for the lucky ones it does not last longer but for some the trauma is just too much. The worst part is in our culture we are taught not to talk about sexual harassment as talking about sex itself is a taboo. What is the best protection against Sexual harassment or unnecessary advances, for married women, wear a mangalsutra/sindoor, the perpetrator will not attack you. Sometimes some women who were my mom’s age and widows at an early age wore a mangalsutra just with an intention of self defense. I also have a few friends who are single and wear an engagement ring to keep men away.

In many cases we see that some one across the street may just be staring at you that does cause inconvenience but what do we do about it ? Nothing. Why?Because there is no law in the country to stop staring. A co-worker may regularly ask you out for coffee, your sixth sense says his intentions are wrong. When there is a rape case in the country we have huge debates in the media, all the pseudo experts on women’s safety keep blaming the law, the women’s dress, late arrival of police, bad influence of western culture, bad effects of working at late night etc. etc. everything except addressing the main issue.

I do not claim to be an expert in dealing with such cases but have sufficient in dealing with Women’s rights at ground level. These are the following things we can do to stop crime against women at large.

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