Drugs Di….Why We Need To Accept The Prescence Of Drug Abuse In Our Society.

The recent controversy surrounding the tough fight between CBFC and the producers of the Film ‘Udta Punjab’ finally brought to the attention of a common man that something like drug abuse does exist in our Society. An Average Indian always felt that Drugs was something that would influence either those on the streets because they deal with it or those residing in the highest skyscraper because they can afford the drugs. One thing that we all forgot was the ones that are influenced by drugs are often those who are ignored by the Society or families.

For Instance these days there is a major rise in increase of Drugs outside Schools and Colleges. These drugs are usually sold not by scary looking peddlers but by someone who may resemble your favourite Chanawala. Today Children as young as 10 years are being introduced to various vices such as Smoking, Tobacco, Alcohol, Drugs. In the metro cities the site of seeing kids as young as 13-15 smoking while riding a bike under alcoholic influence is quiet frequent as compared to older times. So what exactly is the reason for the sudden increase of all these vices in our society.

Let us analyse the probable reasons one by one:

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