Dresses Vs. Rape

Before you read this Article I want to tell you a few things. 1. The intention of this Article is not to hurt the feelings, Ego or Sentiments of any individual. 2. These are just thoughts if put into practise tomorrow our own daughters, sisters, mothers, wives can live safely in the society. 3. Always remember – “Charity begins at home”.

Every Other day we read in the newspapers about the increasing crime against women. Various factors are been considered and discussed on why there is increase in offenses against women around the world. Sometimes reading the stories I start wondering if we are moving towards a development or are we moving towards making ourselves more barbaric.

Whenever, there is an offence against a women reported, discussions and debate start on her chastity, dressing sense, her fundamental freedom to roam around or speak in this democratic country along with her male counter parts., but nobody dares to touch the main point. WE are a country which talks of the glorious Sanskars and how Sanskari we are, but are these Sanskars to be followed only by our Women? Don’t the men have any Sanskars to be followed or preserved, if men can take the burden to provide the basics to a family why don’t take a little bit of more responsibility to respect women. For Example:

To read the complete article, please click hereunder:

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