Are Coaching Classes A Trend Or A Necessity?

These days, the moment children come home from school they just change and rush for their coaching classes. As the children grow up, the number of Coaching classes to attend also increase. During our times, we joined coaching classes only when you had to appear for your board exams and during our parents times a concept of coaching classes did not even exist. Open a newspaper and more than half the pages would be filled with advertisements for these coaching classes.

These advertisements give you various assurances like if you that if you train your child right from 8th Standard then he will be very successful in his board exams, how on selecting the right coaching program for your child your son/daughter could get into the best Engineering and Medical Colleges across the Country.

If this is not enough these fancy classes also have fancy batches like summer batch, winter batch, weekend batch, week day batch, regular batch, special batch, extra batch etc. etc. The fancier the batch name, the more exorbitant amount of fees for these batches. Apart from this these days coaching itself have entrance test for admission, which makes them more desirable. Every parent wants the best for their child and therefore sometimes falls into the trap of these fake coaching classes.

The advertisements of these coaching classes boasts about those 10-15 students who were already academically brilliant and achieved the top ranks. But these same coaching classes fail to explain that why the remaining students from whom they had taken the same lakhs of amounts of fees could not achieve higher percentage than that they used to previously get.

We hear about various scams but we forget to discuss the scams related to the education system. Where crores of rupees are invested by hardworking parents on the basis of false assurances given by these classes. I have also come across a few cases wherein these coaching classes who promise to have the best instructors and teachers from the industry have failed to even provide basic teachers to the students.

A lot of times after paying exorbitant amount of fees the students refuse to attend the classes because they are not able to understand what is being taught in these classes. At the end the parent and the student is at a loss because the coaching classes refuse to return the advance fees paid claiming that the student did not attend the classes.While the main reason for joining of the coaching classes is so that the child gets extra guidance and support but if these coaching classes are only concerned about the money they make then I guess we as parents should provide them the extra guidance and support.

One of the best ways to avoid coaching classes is to explain children the importance of education, which is not to be a part of the rat race but to grow and develop yourself as a human being. Once we explain our children the importance of concept or education, they themselves will study hard and achieve the success they strive for. Hardwork of the child is the only key to their success, which is why whenever the board results come out, we see how some children even despite not even having sufficient books manage to get to the top ranks whereas some who spend lakhs on coaching classes and other facilities do not get that much marks.

I personally have nothing against the coaching classes but it is upon the parents little time and teach the children. They do need extra guidance adn support but at a later stage. These days it is shocking to see that parents are sending children as young as a couple of years old to tution classes to prepare for School Admision interview. Always remember the parents are the best teachers for a student.

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