Breaking Down…Only To Fly More Higher

Motherhood was a stage a feeling that I had always wanted in life. Well I was always the sincere and studious kinda nerd and therefore would always get good opportunities career wise and enjoy them the most. Just because I did good in my Academics or work life, people (including some of my close friends) felt that I wasn’t a marriage material forget having a family and a kid. So that’s a brief background about the prejudice against me.

Cut to present where I have married a wonderful guy who has gifted me his replica in form of our son. Being a lawyer is a 24/7 work, one never knows when, what or How any crisis would pop up, so I had decided to go slow professionally post my marriage as having a child was my first priority. Subsequently, the moment I started reducing my work, my so called friends or work colleagues expressed their shocked to have chosen family over career (I think its my life and my rules apply to it). Secondly, when I got pregnant I still continued to work whatever little I could just so that I could keep myself busy. For someone like me who is a workaholic just sitting idle makes me crazy.

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