Bedtime Talk

I had written this story as a part of my creative writing assignment during my B.M.M. days. Its one of my favorite stories. The same is nothing but a piece of fiction. Hope you all enjoy reading it.

“Oh Anvesha, will you just stand still for a minute. Grow up now. You should be married by now. Listen, the grooms cousin Siddharth is the most eligible bachelor Daddy and I plan to talk to his parents for you.” Exclaimed Anvesha’s mother. Suddenly Anvesha lost her life, in the game Anvesha was playing. “Mom, I have everything and I don’t need a husband right now or ever.” Her parents as usual were upset at the end result of this marriage conversation. Nevertheless they felt,now that they have already come for this marriage may be Anvesha would change her mind.
Walking away in hurriedly replying to the pending emails Anvesha suddenly misses her step as her foot gets stuck in the heavily embellished lehenga. She almost got scared for her life for her fraction of a second and almost said her final prayers in her mind. Suddenly, she realised something tightly gripping her arms and mumble.”Oh God!!! I never troubled anyone why am I being held so tight on my way to Heaven or Hell.” Watching her earrings kiss her long slender neck, a strand of hair delicately touching her face, holding her while helping her he felt that he was holding a Fragile Doll and wished to protect her from the evil world from that very moment onwards. Watching her tightly shut eyes and mumbling made her looking the most beautiful girl for him. Time had literally stopped for him. Finally, after a couple of minutes Anvesha decided to open her eyes and punch the Yamraj or whoever is going to take her away. The moment she opened her eyes she found herself in the arms of a man whom she just couldn’t resist. “If the Yamraj is so handsome I dont mind dying a thousand deaths.” Thought Anvesha in her mind.

To read the complete story, Please click the link hereunder:

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