Are Your Fingers Dancing To The Right Tune ?

Saving Children from the Web – role of parents in reducing cyber crime. A 9 year old these days without a Mobile Phone or a Face book Account is termed as “uncool” by his friends. In the pressure to be a part of the peer group, a kid who generally doesn’t know how to separate an original product from the duplicate product ends up trusting the people in the virtual world whom he believes to be real and his own. There begins a problem in our families and society where the children begin to trust all that they see in the virtual world and don’t make an effort to discover things in real life.

Exploring the virtual world is no harm, but ignoring the real world means no real relations with family or friends. The loss in this case for the children??? Emotional trauma, no family support for guidance, no real friends to run around and play with and a lot of unseen physical as well as psychological problems which lead to increase in the crime in society. It is true technology is a part of our daily lives and we need to keep up with the developing world but do we really need ignore the innocence of our children?

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