Indian festivals are always celebrated with emotions and pomp. Unlike today, the Diwali some few years back was less commercialised. The school term from June to October was one of the longest for any student. As the month of October began, students would start counting days till the beginning of the vacation. I was also one of them.

Once the last exam was over, most children were relieved and also super-excited about Diwali. Those days, Diwali holidays usually lasted for three to four weeks. In the first week of the vacation, I would go with my mother to her friend’s house, where five or six of her friends would gather and first make a list of all the sweets that would be made. A minimum of 15 kilograms of ladoos and chivda used to be made.

Once the list was made, any two of them would hire an auto and go down to buy the required ingredients for the sweets. During the next three or four days, all the women and children would gather in one house and make the sweets together. We the children would sometimes help, sometimes play, sometimes sleep and fool around – but we never needed toys or any electronic gadgets to keep us busy.

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