When Food Offends

I am a mother, and for a mother, nothing is more painful than seeing her child cry due to hunger, but unfortunately in India when a mother feeds her child, it offends some people. Breastfeeding is nothing but a simple process, wherein a child is consuming its mother’s milk. Every mammal feeds its little ones through breast milk because it is the necessity for the young one.

Recently, a Malayalam magazine, Grihalakshmi, published a photograph of a model, breastfeeding a newborn and looking directly into the camera.

In no time did the people get offended:

because she dared to show her open breast
or because she was a Christian and had applied vermillion (sindoor) on her forehead (aka religious fanatics)
because she was feeding a child
because when she exposed her breast even if it was to feed the child, she was not guilty but bold!

To read the complete article, click the link hereunder:

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