Thank You Sridevi For Entertaining Me Through My Childhood

For every 90’s kid, Sridevi and Madhuri Dixit were like on-screen goddesses. We grew up imitating their fashion, dialogues and most importantly their dance steps.

The news of Sridevi’s sudden demise affected me just like millions of her fans across the world. The reason that I loved her during my childhood was because she entertained me, whether it was as Charlie Chaplin in “Mr.India” or painting Rohini Hattangadi’s face in “Chaal Baaz”, or her mesmerising dance in “Chandini” and “Chand Ka Tukda”.

She was unlike many of today’s stars, no wonder she was called the first female super star of Bollywood. When I saw her films as a five or six year old child, I was extremely fascinated by her powerful screen presence. No doubt the screen play and writing during that time had quality, but Sridevi did justice to every single minute of her screen presence. I do not remember a single movie or scene where she was used just as a show piece unlike the actresses of today’s era.

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Written by Aishwarya Sandeep

I am a practising Advocate from Mumbai and also write blogs on different platforms. I have my own YouTube Channel through which I intend to change the way law is taught in our Counrty. This Website is a platform that I use to express myself

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