Reason Behind Sexual Abuse – A Criminologist’s Perspective

These days, I am scared before switching on any news channel or even before going on any form of social media. Every now and then, we hear cases of child rape, child sexual abuse, or domestic violence cases against women. Any common man or woman would be scared to their wits the moment they hear about the details of any such case. For the sake of brevity, I do not want to repeat the same again.

Why is it that suddenly our media is reporting more and more cases of sexual abuse? What is the reason that the cases of sexual abuse are increasing in our country day by day? Is it because we have more media and they need more stories to sell and survive? Is it because people are more aware about these wrongs and have the courage to report these cases and raise their voice against it? Whatever may be the reason, one thing is for sure that the crime against women and children is increasing. Unfortunately, instead of addressing the real reason, our media and politicians seek the easiest way out i.e. victim shaming.

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  1. anita erayi says:

    Very informative


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