It was a childhood dream to publish my own book.

Writing was always a form of therapy for me, but it’s been two years since I started sharing my words with the world.

One night, I was having a random chat with a friend when she asked me – why not publish your own book? Inspired by the chat, I shortlisted three of my best stories and decided to publish them as a book.

I had zero knowledge about the publishing industry and literally knew no one who had published a book. I tried a lot of references via friends of friends, but nothing really worked out. I got to know a bit about the traditional publishing industry, but I was not ready to go through the long wait and innumerable rejections. Then, Google brought forward the option of self-publishing. After calling up every publishing house that offered the self-publishing service, I finally published my first book “I Wish I Had Spoken” in May last year.