This week, the Jodhpur court pronounced Salman Khan guilty in the blackbuck poaching case. The media had mixed opinions, whereas many people felt that finally justice was delivered. And there were an equal number of Bhai fans who felt that it was unjust that Salman Khan had been held guilty and that he should have been forgiven.

What was even more hilarious was the reaction of people on social media. Several messages popped up on my newsfeed saying that he is a social worker and makes kids happy and had even donated his bone marrow. I commented on the post to first get their spellings right. There was also a post which mentioned that the rapists in the country should be punished first, and then, Salman Khan should be punished.

He has always been in the news for the wrong reasons. According to many, he ran over his car on several people sleeping on the streets, killed a member of an endangered species, hit his girlfriends, and abused other stars. Yet the people are crazy about him because he is only “Being Human”!

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