Are The Recent Election Results Indicating An End Of Dynasty Politics?

India is a democratic country and elections are a very crucial part of it. During the freedom movement, India had many young leaders who wanted to see the country develop. They wanted to bring a change in our society. Therefore, they decided to take the initiative and became the change they wanted to see.

Unfortunately, post independence, a majority of the youth who wanted to be the change, were forced to take up jobs and thus, we lost a lot of people who could have been good leaders. Slowly and gradually, India did get young leaders, but they were generally the kith and kin of senior political leaders.

The recent election results in Gujarat and Himanchal Pradesh are a reflection of the fact that that citizens of the country want to see a fresh change. They want a real leader, someone who stands up for them, someone who thinks about them, someone who may be like that harsh parent who screams at you (but only for your own welfare.) Probably just like ordinary Indians, who need to prove themselves before getting an admission in college, people want politicians who can handle things in their individual capacity and not just be part of a dynasty.

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