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Luxuries in a Mom’s Life

Sometimes it is important that we mothers also pamper ourselves. Unfortunately, even today when a mother pampers herself, by doing some simple activity that she loves or has some me time, she is called names by the society. The society really has no other job than creating and implementing a moral code of conduct for… Continue reading Luxuries in a Mom’s Life

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Folding Game

(This blog is a part of the series I pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Arieland BlogAdda) Doing laundry, the basic chore of any mother and knowingly or unknowingly takes up majority of the time. But the task is not limited to just washing clothes. Hereunder are the different stages of doing laundry: Step… Continue reading Folding Game

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Helping hand in the Kitchen

(This blog is a part of the series ‘I pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Arieland BlogAdda) When we talk about chores in the kitchen, it is not only limited to cooking your meals for 4 times a day. It is important that you also do the pre and post cooking chores. I recently… Continue reading Helping hand in the Kitchen

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When a new family member arrives

(This blog is a part of the series ‘I pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Arieland BlogAdda) Last weekend, we welcomed a new family member, my daughter. Like every new mother, I was initially hesitant and scared on how my son would accept this new change. Till now, he was being pampered and literally… Continue reading When a new family member arrives

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Education Mafia – Low Quality Education

Reducing quality of education (This the third article in the series of article Educational Mafia, which talks about the tough educational circumstances in India) Click Here to read the 2nd Article: Well recently, a lot of articles and reports have been popping up everywhere about how unemployment is at an all time high in India.… Continue reading Education Mafia – Low Quality Education

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Education Mafia – Extortion

(This article is a series of Educational Mafia, which talks about the tough educational circumstances in India) Education these days, is an expensive affair in India. School fees are on steady rise and keep increasing day by day. Schools never leave an opportunity to charge their students hefty amount on the basis of different reasons.… Continue reading Education Mafia – Extortion

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Education Mafia – Wastage

Paper Waste other waste (This article 2nd in series of article Educational Mafia, which talks about the tough educational circumstances in India) Click here to read the previous article: Apart from this, the new education system demands that children submit assignments and projects in schools. A lot of times, these projects are made by parents… Continue reading Education Mafia – Wastage

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Educating about Sexual Harassment – #BlogchatterA2Z 2019

(This Article is a part of the #BlogchatterA2Z 2019 series for the theme Domestic Violence. This is for the alphabet E in the series). There have been different debates on what the content of Sex Education in our country should consist of. In some parts of our country, people are still debating that if Sex… Continue reading Educating about Sexual Harassment – #BlogchatterA2Z 2019

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Domestic Sexual Harassment – #BlogchatterA2Z 2019

(This article is a part of the blog series #blogchatterA2Z 2019. The theme for my challenge was Sexual harassment and this article is for the Alphabet D.) As human beings we never leave an opportunity to victim shame. Whenever, we hear about any rape case, we try to find out faults in the dressing and… Continue reading Domestic Sexual Harassment – #BlogchatterA2Z 2019

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Baby Sexual Abuse – #BlogchatterA2Z

(This blog is a part of the blog train hosted by #blogchatter A2Z challenge. This blog is written for the theme Sexual Harassment, for a topic starting from the Alphabet B) We often come across articles, wherein children as young as few days old have been sexually abused, by their caretakers or guardians. “Often whenever,… Continue reading Baby Sexual Abuse – #BlogchatterA2Z

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All about Sexual Harassment

( The blog hereunder is written for the Challenge on the alphabet A as a part of the #blogchatterA2Z challenge on the theme of sexual harassment.) When we hear about the word Sexual Harassment, often the image that comes into our mind is that of a young woman wearing revealing clothes, who is harassed by… Continue reading All about Sexual Harassment

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Things to do during your pregnancy

Wish list of a pregnant mother: Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases of a woman’s life. Your body is preparing itself to give birth to another life; this may cause your body to go through a lot of chemical reactions. Everybody in and around you would be equally excited about the new addition… Continue reading Things to do during your pregnancy


Things you should never say to a pregnant woman

Never Say These things to a Pregnant Women Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase of a woman’s life. Along with the would be mother, the entire society is excited to pour their advices. This may look exciting and happy but still sometimes knowingly or unknowingly, we end up saying things that we should not to… Continue reading Things you should never say to a pregnant woman

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Things I want to hear on this women’s day

March 8th is celebrated as International Woman’s Day. Within a few minutes our Social Media Feed will be full with different motivational and inspirational messages. Some women are excited about this day, while some choose to ignore it like just another day and I am sure, there would be a majority of women, who would… Continue reading Things I want to hear on this women’s day

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Distractive Feeding – Yay or Nay

One of the toughest task of parenting is feeding your child. While, children tend to be moody, disruptive, full on energy and everything except attentive, while feeding them, it is a huge task for parents. Most of the times, in the exercise of running around, we end up loosing our temper and as a result,… Continue reading Distractive Feeding – Yay or Nay


Yes, I am a Dal Chawal Person

Dal Chawal, is the basic staple food of most of the Indians and my love for Dal Chawal is something that I cannot explain. It is beyond words and emotions for me. We use different types of Dal to make the basic Dal curry at home. A simple change in the ingredient, or tempering will… Continue reading Yes, I am a Dal Chawal Person


Religion and Me – Sabrimala issue

Recently, every news media, has been covering the Sabrimala temple. Reason, because women of menstruating age were permitted to enter to temple and two women, of menstruating age, attempted to enter the temple. Being a Kerelite, and a God fearing person, I have visited several Ayyapa Shrines, across the country. None of the places I… Continue reading Religion and Me – Sabrimala issue

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Paternity Leave, a new concept for India

It was only recently, that the law for 26 weeks Maternity Leave, came into existence. Paternity Leave is a concept, that is unheard of in our country. In Many countries abroad, both the parents, can take benefits of fully paid and/or half paid parental leave post the birth of their child. There are a few… Continue reading Paternity Leave, a new concept for India


Things to remember, when meeting a terminally ill patient.

Just a couple of days ago, Tahira Kashyap, (wife of bollywood actor Ayushman Khurrana), posted pictures, when she was attending her last session of Chemotherapy. Sonali Bendre, was in the U.S. for a few months for advance treatment for Cancer. Irrfan Khan, also shared about his experience with the big C. Very Recently, Emran Hashmi,… Continue reading Things to remember, when meeting a terminally ill patient.


Those 5 days in the Hospital

*** I am not a medical professional. Just sharing my experience with all of you, that I had post the delivery of my elder son about 4 years ago. In India, it is the society's responsibility, when a woman delivers a child. It is considered more as a social affair than a personal affair. That… Continue reading Those 5 days in the Hospital

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Flattery…an art to forget…

Let us all accept one thing. Most of us are pathetic, when it comes to initiating a conversation, whether in real life and a disaster, when it comes to Social Media. Since childhood, we are under the misconception that flattery is one of the best ways to impress a person and begin a conversation. Your… Continue reading Flattery…an art to forget…

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Thoughts of a Second Time Mom

You need a son and a daughter to complete your family. A common statement that every woman hears post her marriage. Irrespective of the Gender of the first child (plays even more important role if the first child is a female), the society insist that you have a second child. Having a child is a… Continue reading Thoughts of a Second Time Mom


My New Year Resolutions

Today being the first day of the year, almost every other blogger and media is talking about how to have or maintain your New Year Resolution. This blog I am not writing for anyone else but for myself. Yes, as an audience I know you will get bored after reading multiple blogs and articles on… Continue reading My New Year Resolutions

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Showing off your Baby Bump

Until a few years ago, women preferred to hide their pregnancy and Baby Bump for multiple reasons. Sometimes, for the fear of loosing work, sometimes, for the fear of not looking perfect in front of the society, which had always set unrealistic standards of beauty, most of the times, because we were told that showing… Continue reading Showing off your Baby Bump

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My Grandmother and my son

This post had been pending in my draft column for about last one month. For some strange reason, I just could not complete the same. When I thought about writing this post initially, my concept was something different and today it is something different. Yes, times have changed and so have the circumstances.  I lost… Continue reading My Grandmother and my son

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A day when I pampered myself

Its really been ages since I had actually been to a Salon, apart from the occasional threading of eye brows only when there was an occasion. For a women in her early thirties, this is not a good practice I know. Finally on the insistence of my cousin, I went ahead and decided to spend… Continue reading A day when I pampered myself

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A helper for a lazy cook !!

Who does not want a magical hand to help you in cooking. With the digital age, I really wish I had a smart friend or a magical wand, which would just smartly cook all my food without constant monitoring, while keeping the nurtition intact. The Pressure Cooker, is a stable item found in Indian household,… Continue reading A helper for a lazy cook !!

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How I read people like books

If given a choice between spending time between people and books. I would always select books at any given point of time. Probably that explains my clumsy social behavior and why I cannot socialise even today. Leave me in a sea of people and I will still find myself lonely but give me a book… Continue reading How I read people like books

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From Farming to Blogging

Parenting is a joint responsibility of both the parents. Yet only mothers are dominantly seen executing their part. Just like mothers fathers also have their own style of parenting and are more open to talk about the same today. Here is Mr. Sandeep Singh from Chandigarh, who is a Farmer and a Dad Blogger. Can… Continue reading From Farming to Blogging


Coffee… From Orphanage to Stage

One year down Today coffe's parents have come down to see her perform. Coffee would have never identified herself until she had met her sweetest parents and mixed with them just like how coffee, sugar and milk mix. Coffee never knew it would taste so nice and sweet before it met sugar and milk'. FOLLOW Aishwarya… Continue reading Coffee… From Orphanage to Stage


Is this for real!!!

Caution:- someone had posted this screenshot on FB from the group TCS Confessions. It was an anonymous post so the authenticity of the same is not known. However, I do not disagree with the content because I have personally seen such cases. Do have a look at this post before you read the article. A… Continue reading Is this for real!!!

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Earn while you cook

The relationship between women and kitchen is a very old one. Whether we like to cook or not, we are told cooking is a women's job, just that it is unpaid monetarily but paid in kind. So mommies do you want that apart from payment in kind, would you like to earn some money with… Continue reading Earn while you cook