Thank God its Friday.. Weekend Programs

This blog is a part of #BlogchatterA2ZSeries. For the Alphabet F I have written about Thank God its Friday...Weekend Programs that we used to enjoy then. One of the best parts of watching the Television shows then was there were no repeat telecast. We knew the days of the week by the programs that were... Continue Reading →

General Trivia of the Indian Television

WE all love the Indian Television and who would not love to read about some of the most trivial factors about the same. For the alphabet G, I would like to post General Trivia about the Indian Television for the #BlogchatterA2ZChallenge. So here are some basic Trivia's about the Indian Television, that I have collated... Continue Reading →

Panchayat – a surprising web series

The lockdown has given me ample time to have a look at the web-series at my leisure time. So I recently completed watching a webseries on Amazon Prime, called Panchayat. This web-series is produced from the house of TVF, who have been producing some entertaining series on YouTube. The series has 8 episodes of about... Continue Reading →

Early days of Appointment viewing

This article has been written as a series of #BlogchatterA2Z for the Alphabet E. When Television was launched in India. We had limited Television Sets and the television telecast time was limited. Television is able to telecast shows only for a particular time slot. Before the days of cheap internet and DTH, personal viewing was... Continue Reading →

Work from Home Dad

The present Pandemic has forced majority of the people to work from home. Though a few of professionals were earlier working from Home, this forced working from home has been a new concept to a lot of men. Earlier I had written about tips from Moms to work from home. In this interview with Mr.... Continue Reading →


I am writing this blog as a part of #BlogchatterA2Z2020 series for the Alphabet D. My topic is Doordarshan. It is next to impossible that being a 90's kid, I do not talk about Doordarshan. My son, who is 5 cannot handle the fact, that the Television does not play the cartoon that he wants... Continue Reading →

Today’s Cartoon

This post has been written for the Alphabet C as a prompt for #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge. I chose to write about Cartoons, which are an integral part of our Television. Well having a toddler at home means, you are forced to watch the channel that they want to watch (though the same rule barely applies to... Continue Reading →

Beauty Pagents on the Television

This Article is written as a part of #BlogchatterA2ZSeries for Alphabet B. When we were growing up during the early 90's and early 2000's, we had just one National Beauty Paegant, The Femina Miss India Paegent and also the Gladrags Title, which was mainly for the models. The Three Winners of the Miss India Paegent... Continue Reading →


The theme of my blog series for #blogchatterA2Z is Indian Television throgh the eyes of the 90's kid. When we talk about Television, the most integral part of the Cable TV are the advertisements. How can any Channel earn its revenue, until and unless they do not sell its Air time to brands manage to... Continue Reading →

Himalaya Gentle Baby Laundry Wash

I received this Baby Laundry Wash from BabyChakra for review before Holi and tried it for the first time on the Holi clothes itself. As they say that the products that are used for the Adults, need not be used for the children. Initially I used to just put all the clothes together in the... Continue Reading →

5 Baje 5 Minute

When our Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi, addressed the Nation to observe Janata Curfew on Sunday 22 March, 2020, he made a special request. To appreciate the health workers and all others in our society, who are working tirelessly despite this dreadly virus roaming around the city. It just took 5 minutes of our... Continue Reading →

How to manage without milk with babies

Considering the present Pandemic, where people are hoarding things even the most essential ones, unnecessarily. It is important that we maintain the limited use of objects and also teach our kids to do the same. My daughter is 10 months old and totally dependent on outside food as I could not feed her for more... Continue Reading →

WFH tips for Moms

The Government has finally directed the Corporates to allow their employees to Work From Home. Thanks to the Internet and the booming technology, that people can now Work without having to physically go to their workplace. But the reality is entirely different when Moms work from home and Dads work from home. When Dads work... Continue Reading →

Collateral Damage caused by Covid Panic

While, the entire world is fighting against this dreadly Virus, the only possible solution to break the chain seems to be self quarantine. With 24*7 News Channels and Social Media access to almost everyone, there is no little scope left for rumours. Some media sources gave exact information and appropriate directions for avoiding the Virus... Continue Reading →

Indian Television – Through the eyes of a 90’s kid #BlogchatterA2Z

Blog Theme reveal for my April 2020 #BlogchatterA2Z challenge. So I actually wanted to write about it for about a couple a years now, but for some reason it kept on getting delayed. Ultimately I decided to go ahead and participate in this #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge with this theme. Since childhood , I loved watching Television... Continue Reading →

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