Why Moms should have their own Investments ?

To be honest, life today is very unpredictable. When I was younger, my Paternal Grandma used to say that women must always have their own source of Income, because that makes you Independent and gives you the capability to take decision on your own. Life, death, divorce, illness are some unpredictable events in life, which... Continue Reading →

Be Unapologetic – #BlogchatterA2Zchallenge2023

If there is something that I learnt in the later stages of my life, that is how to live my life unapologetically. I wish I had learnt this art or rather life skill earlier. Most of the time, I was always apologetic because I fulfilled my small wishes. There was a time in my life,... Continue Reading →

A- All about the Middle Class Indian Home – #BlogchatterA2Z

No matter, where you stay, you can always identify a Middle Class home from a distance. As mentioned in my previous post, we Middle Class Indians are the original inventors of Sustainability and Recycling. We never let anything go waste. We always ensure, that every object that we purchase, is either passed on to the... Continue Reading →

A2Z of being a Middle Class India

Come April and my favourite Writing exercise with my favourite people is back again. This year I have decided to participate in the BlogchatterA2Z once again. Just hope I am able to complete the task this year. What is my Theme About ? So previously I have written about 90's Indian Television and the ways... Continue Reading →

Summer activities that take me back to my childhood

Before you begin reading this, let me introduce myself. I am a happy 90's kid, who simply refuses to grow up. Every now and then i.e. atleast 25 times, in a day, I miss my childhood and wonder how simple my life was then. Today even though everything is technologically advanced, life was beautiful when... Continue Reading →

Why every person needs their Tribe ?

Friends make everything better. Crazy friends ensure to make everything the best for you. It has been ages since I sat down to pen something. Probably, it is because since the last 6 months, I was not doing justice to myself by not writing about myself or my thoughts. That was the whole idea about... Continue Reading →


A woman may have physical and mental exhaustion after experiencing pregnancy loss (also known as a miscarriage), especially if it was brought on by another person or people. In such circumstances, the lady may desire to bring legal action against the person or people who caused her miscarriage. Unquestionably, such individuals might face penalties under... Continue Reading →

Ideal Internship Duration – One Month or One Year

I started working as a Legal Intern from my 2nd Semester and continued with the same Boutique Law Firm for 2 years post getting my Sanad. Around 10 years ago it was normal for law students to get into a Law Firm and work under a lawyer for around 6 months minimum, as it did... Continue Reading →


INTRODUCTION Every entrepreneur looks forward to the first step in starting a business, which is giving it a legal identity by registering a company. Companies are governed by legal documents that spell out the dos and don'ts. The Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA), also known as the company charter, define the... Continue Reading →

  Corporate Social Responsibility

  In general companies rely on societal assets to operate efficiently, as they are morally obligated to contribute back to the society. CSR in India has traditionally been seen as a philanthropy activity. As some observers have pointed out, the practice of CSR in India still remains within the philanthropic space, but has moved from... Continue Reading →

Right of Member to Copies of audited financial statement-

INTRODUCTION- The term “Company” basically means an association of a number of persons for some common object or objects. The purposes for which people may wish to make a company might differ. Buti in Legal terms, the meaning of the company might slightly differ, but not the purpose of the company, so, here a company... Continue Reading →


INTRODUCTION Books of accounts means the records maintained in order to ascertain the financial position of the companies. It is mandatory to maintain books of accounts as it helps in the disclosure of the working as well as financial position of the companies to the shareholders so that they can have a more purposeful control... Continue Reading →

Effect of Disputes on the Partition of Property in India

Private property is a necessary institution, at least in a fallen world; men work more and dispute less when goods are private than when they are in common.                                                                                                                                                                                                         R. H. Tawney Family disputes can result in a forced partition. Partition of property takes region while there may be joint possession of or greater individuals... Continue Reading →

Rights of a husband in wife’s property

After a divorce in India, a wife may be entitled to certain property rights in her former husband's estate.When a couple decides to divorce, it is a very difficult and stressful moment for them. Property issues, on the other hand, make things even more complicated. What would happen if the husband and wife were to... Continue Reading →

Proxies during Board Meetings

The Companies Act, 2013 refers to proxies in 2 ways. The first meaning of proxy refers to an individual who has been appointed by a member to attend a board meeting on their behalf and vote in this meeting as a representative.  The second meaning of proxy is referring to a document or instrument by... Continue Reading →


INTRODUCTION: To run organization in a smooth manner, there is a need of efficiency in the organization, so it requires a systematic approach by maintaining records and registers. Statutory register is essential for an effective organization. MEANING: Statutory register contains essential information related to company’s current position and that must be accordance with Companies Act,... Continue Reading →

Jurisdiction of Civil Courts in Company Law Matters

The conclusion of a single lawsuit can have far-reaching consequences for a business or conglomerate of businesses, potentially damaging the interests of the company's founders, top executives, investors, and other key constituents. Lawmakers have been cognizant of the fact that speed is of the utmost essential in arbitrating corporate issues because even a single dispute... Continue Reading →

Official liquidator to make payment into public account of India

Chapter xx (sec270 – 365) of the Companies Act, 2013 (CA 2013) deals with the provisions related to winding up. Section 349 of CA 2013 provides for official Liquidator to make payments into public account of India. As per the section of 349 of company law in which it was given that “EVERY OFFICIAL LIQUIDATOR... Continue Reading →

Reasons why your CV may be ignored

Some of the common reasons why according to students, they are unemployed are because: They completed their graduation from a not-so-renowned college; The Job market is bad; Everyone wants people only with experience; You can get placed in Tier 1 Law Firm only if you are from an NLU or a 2nd Generation Lawyer. One... Continue Reading →

The Stay of Suits ,On winding up Order.

Introduction When a winding up order has been released or a provisional has been passed, no suit or other legal proceedings shall be commenced or passed, or if pending at the date of the winding up order, shall be proceeded with, by or against the company, except with the leave of the Tribunal and subject... Continue Reading →

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